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1. Does restaurant Jeny accept credit

- Restaurant Jeny does not accept credit or debit cards. Cash payments only.

2. Are children welcome at restaurant

- We do not recommend visiting us with preschool children. Our guests expect to find a quiet, relaxing ambiance to complement their dining experience. 
We do welcome older children. We offer a 3 course kids menu.

3. Can we choose different menus for the same table?
- No. The chosen menu must be served to the whole table. Either the 7 course, 5 course or 3 course menu.

4. Do I need a reservation?
- Yes. By reservation only.

5. Is there a dress code ?
- There is no strict dress code. We recommend casual attire.

6. Does Jeny open for lunch?
- No. Evening service only (two arrival times).

7. Does restaurant Jeny offer a la carte?
- There is no a la carte on offer. Only menus.

8. Is there a vegetarian or vegan option?
- No. Unfortunately we don't specialize in such cuisine.

9. Does the restaurant accept pets?
- Although we are fond of animals, pets are not allowed at restaurant Jeny.

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